We are the producers of wedge and approach graft of Jumbo Super Kesar variety of mango. The Jagdamba farm and nursery have won the national level popularity for the Jumbo Super Kesar graft of mango. The graft is with optimum height, healthy with coppery leaves and with vigorous growth. We follow all technological routs during production of the graft. Wedge grafting is the new evolved technique which is done with mature, procured scion on the emerging soft coppery red shoot of rootstock. In the wedge method, the scion is prepared by making two wedge shape cuts that form a “V” shape. A straight cut is made on the stock to the same depth as the V shape on the scion. The V-shaped scion is then inserted in to the stock, making sure the cambium layers of both match up. The whole joint is then wrapped with grafting tape to hold it in place, and a plastic tube is used to cover the scion and union to prevent excessive moisture loss during the healing process. The technique is effective on dry, hot weather or in area of low precipitation. The Inarching or approach grafting is also popular methods of propagation in mango. After process, the graft is specially looked after by our technical persons against availability of nutrients, water and biotic & a biotic stresses.
Black jamun is also one of the important fruit crops of Saurashtra region enriched with lot off medicinal values especially for diabetes. Black Jamun is known as Ravna in local language. It is new emerging fruit crops, the area of cultivation is increasing day by day. We, the Jagdamba Farm & Nursery are also the producer of Black jamun grafts (wedge graft) and seedlings. Our black jamun grafts are well known in farming community of Saurashtra region due to healthy, vigorous and timely availability of grafts in markets during planting period.
The acid lime is known as Khata limbu orlimbu or Nimbu in local language. Acid lime is also important and popular fruit crops in farming community. Acid lime is more earning, if little care is spent. The Jagdamba Farm & Nursery, engaged in large scale production of polyembryoenic clones and grafts like air layered. The polyembryenic clone is the true to type only produced by us. It is more vigorous and successful for acid lime cultivation.
Our products ………..
1. Jumbo Super Kesar mango grafts
2. Jumbo Super Kesar mango fruits during season
3. Black Jamun grafts and plants of paras variety
4. Acid lime polyembryonic plants
5. Coconut plants
6. Medicinal/Herbal plants