Selling Mango


Selling or marketing is the heartwood of any business. It is true that the qualitative production is easily possible in today’s era due to availability of technological view, but marketing or selling of the products requires always hard efforts for achieving the targets. After securing best quality production, we effort to sell the products worldwide, in our country and state. There is highly demand of Jumbo Super Kesar grafts in Gujarat and other states. We are supplying more quantity of the Jumbo Super Kesar grafts every year due to our own large scale budwood orchard of Jumbo Super Kesar. We are also supplying in huge quantity of Black Jamun and Acid lime also.

From many years, we, Jagdamba Farm & Nursery, has achieved many prestigious prizes and awards for timely supplying and availability of government approved qualitative grafts of Jumbo Super Kesar mango and other important fruit crops.


1. We are the supplier of our products at all India level.

2. Supplying with guaranteed products.

3. Consultancy for establishment and orchard management.

4. Consultancy for preparation of project, lawn, subsidy for new orchard in government agencies


1. Production of big sized grafts prepared by using big drum as a container.

2. Evolving and production of grafts which should be contain fruits of many varieties.

3. Production of grafts from 10 best varieties of the world and 120 varieties of India.

4. Providing facilities of free accommodation, lodging & boarding to visitors with heartily and soulful welcome.

5. Order will be completed with order letter or through telecommunication and soft copy of activities of Jagdamba Farm & Nursery Will be provided without any cost.