Welcome to Jagdamba Farm And Nursery

Jagdamba Farm & Nursery is the unique Horticulture based nursery of Saurashtra region working for supply of healthy and qualitative planting materials to the farming communities. Shri Jagdamba Farm & Nursery, we possesses the 0.00 acres of land for fruit production and nursery activities. Our emphases are on healthy, vigorous and qualitative planting materials like grafts of different fruit crops. We mostly supply the mango wedge graft and approach graft. We are also engaged for supplying grafts of Black Jamun.

The mango (Mangifera indica) is one of the most popular and widespread of tropical trees with sweet fruits. The tree is with evergreen canopy and it has a generally spreading habit. The mango fruit is a large, fleshy drupe, containing an edible mesocarp with good test, aroma and color and for that it is known as king of fruit.

Achievement :

Jagdamba Farm & Nursery had achieved the national acclaim for production and making of the healthy and qualitative mango grafts. We have also achieved the first position for the last three years for the quality of grafts.

The composition of the Jumbo Super Kesar fruits are as under.

Sr. No.CompositionConcentration
4.Fat 0.13%
7.Total sugar19.50%